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Picnic+ Cutlery Insert Set

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Going out on a picnic with friends? Or maybe you’re backpacking for the weekend? Whatever your outdoor adventure is, make sure to bring your Opinel Picnic+ Cutlery Insert Set! Our Nomad Cooking Collection offers smart and durable accessories that are perfect for any outdoor escapade. And that includes our Picnic+ set – to ditch the disposable cutlery and replace it with our Picnic+ set! With its Virobloc safety ring on our No.08 folding knife, you can be sure that it will hold the fork and/or spoon insert in place. So whether it's some delicious s'mores over a campfire or a fun summer barbecue, never worry about leaving behind cutlery ever again with the Opinel Picnic+ Cutlery Insert Set!

Picnic+ Insert Set includes: fork insert, spoon insert, dual-use micro-fiber napkin that doubles as a carrying case.


  • Compatibility: No.08 Wood Handle
  • Stainless Steel
  • Insert Length: 4 inches
  • Weight: 1.9 oz


Fork and spoon inserts are dishwasher safe. 

For an easy insert of the spoon/fork in your No.08 folding knife:

  • Clean thoroughly the hinge and make sure it's free of dirt, sand, etc...
  • If the handle has been recently exposed to humidity, dry the wood. (Place the knife in a bag of rice or let it sit next to a heating source for a few hours.)
  • It's ok to wiggle the insert so it fills in the hinge all the way

Staff Pick!

Rachel says, "Great utensil kit. Simple, unique, functional."