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Meet the Team


I love all things Snoopy and my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. My favorite outdoor activity is hiking and camping with my family and running with my dog, Freddie.


I used to work with birds of prey. I have lived in Colorado, West Virginia, New Jersey, Virginia, Louisiana and New Mexico. I have lived in Petoskey almost longer than everywhere else combined. My favorite outdoor activity is biking and cross-country skiing.


I have been to over 50 music concerts. I love cows. My creative outlet is making scrapbooks for my children. I enjoy bike-riding, swimming, boating and ice skating.


I usually have stories to tell about creature sightings and encounters (birds, reptiles, mammals, insects, amphibians – I love them all). I also love flowers, wild edibles, and most things green. My favorite outdoor activity is to be barefoot . . . also planting things, hiking, and kayaking.


In my free time I enjoy relaxing at the beach or the pool and reading a good book. I enjoy being outside in the summer time and soaking up the sun. I love to be with family, friends and my two golden retrivers.


I’ve moved – a lot. I’ve hosted two German exchange students. I majored in Art and Illustration and I love graphic novels (not the superhero ones). My favorite outdoor activities are hiking and lake swimming and SUPing.


I love dressing up for any occasion. I am currently studying fashion design while at college! I enjoy traveling and swimming with sea animals. I've swam with dolphins, sea lions, stingrays, turtles, and sharks!


I love spending time with family and friends. My favorite season is summer because of the beautiful sunsets! Outdoor activities are my favorite, but especially running!


I love dogs, music, and long road trips. My favorite outdoor activities are mountain biking, hiking, and skiing.


When I'm not working, I'm either on my bike, in the woods or at the lake! I love hooping, quad skating, playing guitar and making yummy Vegan meals & treats. My dogs, Mooney, Jesús and Wally, come with me everywhere whether we're hiking, canoeing or climbing mountains!


I am a special education teacher at a local school and love the outdoors and brands that have a purpose! In my free time I love to get outside and go for a hike!


I am an avid reader who loves the outdoors! I go camping and swimming all the time over the summer. I love to go kayaking when I get the chance. My personal favorite activity is soccer which is my world, but I also enjoy running.


I am blessed living in Northern Michigan in a cottage on a lake. My joy is my Yorkie/Dachshund mix (my Dorkie!), Bella Grace. In addition to walking Bella, I enjoy tennis, travel, pickleball, kayaking, reading, baking and crafting.


If i’m not hiking or mountain biking with my dog, I’m usually chasing sunsets and finding new music to listen to!


I love being with my friends and family. I enjoy being outside, seeing new things, and going to new places. I love to dance, make pottery, and listen to live music. 


I am a mom and my favorite outdoor activity is skiing, and my favorite season is winter. But I also enjoy standup paddleboarding and hanging out at the beach with my kids. I have two dogs and four cats.


I adore my friends and family more than anything in my life! With any chance I get, I love to relax in my room with a good book. I also REALLY love pasta, it's my favorite food!


I am a photographer who adores art and music. When I'm not at work, I'm climbing, cooking, reading, or spending time with animals (mostly chickens). I love to travel all over the world!


I love traveling, my dog, and hanging out with my friends and family. My favorite things to do in the summer are spending time in the sun, running, and camping!


I’ve got a surfer’s soul and a Jimmy Buffett song in my heart. My faith, family, and friends are very important to me and then there are chocolate donuts, air to breathe, a Mountain Dew in the morning, sunset beaches, walks in the woods, cardinals, and my fellow Bearcubs, not necessarily in that order.


When I'm not holed up inside reading a good book, I enjoy a medley of outdoor activities. I love to disc golf with my dog, Roran, as well as camp, hike and snowboard. I've had almost 10 years of experience in adventure recreation!


I love camping in the summer and skiing in the winter. One of my favorite activities is playing soccer! I also love playing with my dog, Stanley, and my cat, Stormy.


I'm an incoming freshman and my entertainment comes from nature. I’m a huge fisherman and I love photography. My out of school hobbies are soccer (with my position as a goalkeeper) and I also love skiing. Music is my second language, I love playing saxophone & singing.