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Meet the Team


I love all things Snoopy and my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. My favorite outdoor activity is hiking and camping with my family and running with my dog, Freddie.


I used to work with birds of prey. I have lived in Colorado, West Virginia, New Jersey, Virginia, Louisiana and New Mexico. I have lived in Petoskey almost longer than everywhere else combined. My favorite outdoor activity is biking and cross-country skiing.


I’m an animal lover and an avid traveller. My favorite excursions were Hawaii and Alaska because of the wildlife and the landscapes. I love to hike and discover nature in each place I visit. Come summer, you’ll always find me by the water!


I like to shop and spend time by the pool with my mom. My favorite outdoor activities are tennis and skiing.


I love the 4th of July and am a huge U of M college football fan... and I love dogs. My favorite outdoor activity is sitting outside in the sun with a book, swimming with the dogs in the summer, and traveling to tropical places in the winter.


I have been to over 50 music concerts. I love cows. My creative outlet is making scrapbooks for my children. I enjoy bike-riding, swimming, boating and ice skating.


I usually have stories to tell about creature sightings and encounters (birds, reptiles, mammals, insects, amphibians – I love them all). I also love flowers, wild edibles, and most things green. My favorite outdoor activity is to be barefoot . . . also planting things, hiking, and kayaking.


I love red pandas, Star Wars, and other things. I cannot whistle or wink with my right eye. I love to snowshoe, ride my bike on the area trails, hiking and finding a spot to relax and enjoy the views. I feel there’s not much weather in the area that stops me from enjoying a walk. I also love gardening in the summer.


I am an excellent parallel parker. I love folk & bluegrass music. Spiders’ eyes shine in the dark if you point a flashlight at them. Spiders are cool. I have too many favorite outdoor activities to choose just one! It’s a tie between hiking, watching dogs play, and hula-hooping!


I’ve moved – a lot. I’ve hosted two German exchange students. I majored in Art and Illustration and I love graphic novels (not the superhero ones). My favorite outdoor activities are hiking and lake swimming and SUPing.


I love fashion and dressing up for any occasion. I enjoy traveling, meeting new animals, and seeing new things. My favorite season is summer. Some of my favorite activities include shopping, biking, skating, and swimming.


Some fun facts about me are that I have done Highland Dance since I was five and I own my own business! I love to dance, bike, hang out with friends and family, and travel.


Some fun facts about me are that I love dogs, music, and long road trips. My favorite outdoor activities are mountain biking, hiking, and skiing. ENO hammocks are my favorite Bearcub products! They are easy to set up and pack up small so you can take them on the go! They also come in great colors and designs.


I’m in high school and I love all things sports related! When I get the chance to I’m either boating, running, or hanging out with friends. One of my most memorable experiences is throwing cheese off the grand canyon with my dad.


I’m an incoming Senior at Petoskey High School. I love to stay active outdoors and spend time with my friends. You can catch me hiking up a hill or skiing down one (depending on the season). I love being in Northern Michigan where there is always something fun to do outside!