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Pocket Bellows Collapsible Tool

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Are you looking for a unique and effortless way to start your campfire? Then the Pocket Bellows Collapsible Tool is here to save the day! This ancient fire-starting technology has been molded into a modern, lightweight telescopic hand tool that will help get your fires rolling with both wet and dry firewood in no time. No more crouching over the flame trying to fan it, because Pocket Bellows doesn’t require any effort at all! It extends up to 20" away from your face, protecting you from potential burns. Not only does this tool provide convenience, but its 3.5" size makes storage incredibly simple – perfect for bringing along or keeping in reach anywhere you go! Plus, each Pocket Bellows also comes with its own carrying case for extra protection on the go. 

Tech Specs 

  • Lightweight 
  • Packable 
  • Extends up to 20" 
  • Includes Carrying Case 

Staff Pick!

"These little gadgets are small but mighty! Not only do they allow you to blow on the coals of your fire from a distance, but they also give you the ability to build the heat of the coals with directly controlled airflow. I went backpacking in the rain and it allowed me to build the heat of the coals to help dry out the bigger logs which made us all extremely grateful for this little guy!" says Seth