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Monarch Peak Hat

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Introducing the Monarch Peak Hat! Not only is this stylish and unique hat great for completing your everyday look, but it also does some good in the world. By purchasing this gat, you're directly helping monarchs. Monarchs pollinate our flora and grace us with their beauty every year on their long journey from Canada and the US to Central Mexico and back over the course of multiple generations throughout the summer months. We can protect these beautiful creatures by planting milkweed, a vital source of food for them on their travel route. That's exactly why sales of our Monarch Peak Hat goes towards providing milkweed habitat along snowy peaks, ensuring that migrating monarchs have access to nutrition and a safe path through which they can return each year.

Tech Specs 

  • No/Minimal 2 Way Stretch Woven Fabric
  • TENCEL™ Lyocell
  • Adjustable fit with metal clasp
  • Graphics: Embroidered front artwork