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Stretch-Loc TPU Straps 30" (2 Pack)

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These ultra strong, stretchy straps are perfect for any situation you can think of – from bikepacking to tackling those unforeseen backcountry incidents that always arise in these activities. Thanks to their high-quality co-molded acetal buckles, Stretch-Loc straps can secure almost anything. These straps wrap around whatever is being fastened together and lock into place with an easy-to-use buckle. Once secured, the excess strap flat neatly against the loop, efficiently staying out of any fray. For added grip and reinforced strength, our unique slimline Keeper Strap provides cushioning between sensitive items that may be prone to damage during repetitive use or travel – so you can rest assured knowing your possessions are secure when you’re on the go.

Tech Specs 

  • Grippy and stretchy TPU material prevents secured items from slipping
  • Adjustable, strong and secure straps with positive, non-slip buckle
  • Easy and fast to tension and securely lock in place
  • TPU Keeper Strap attaches Stretch-Loc to support and provides grippy, cushioning surface
  • Keeper Strap protects items from scratching and retains excess strap
  • Two or more straps can be joined to increase length