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OgoDisk Mini 12"

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Throw! Catch! Bounce! Ogodisk Mini is the ultimate bouncy hand trampoline for balls plus, you can also throw and catch them like a flying disc! Mini flies the farthest and its small target area increases difficulty. Use it with any ball such as the included OgoSoft Ball, and for summertime fun try it in the pool with water balloons!


  • For those seeking slightly faster-paced game play, the extra lightweight Mini Super Sports Disk with its smaller target area will put that extra bounce in your step!
  • Floatable, portable, flexible, and durable, the Mini will provide friends and family alike with hours of adaptable, active entertainment!
  • Bounce any ball imaginable or throw in some water balloons to add a new twist to your favorite sports games
  • Includes: one bright-blue, one OgoOrange disk, OgoSoft ball