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Educational Coloring Book

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If you're in search for the perfect gift for your favorite animal lover, look no further. Each coloring book by AWE contain dozens of different species as well as fun facts, history, photos and more! Plus, you'll feel good knowing that every purchase helps to invest in a brighter future for the animals we all love. 

Advance Wildlife Education (AWE) was started in May 2016 by Che Frausto after he realized how much people want to help animals, but they cannot protect what they do not know exists. He recognized that wildlife education is necessary for attaining public support and funding for nonprofits that work to protect our Planet's precious ecosystems.


  • Endangered Species - 23 species from around the world
  • Dogs - 24 breeds & their Ancestry
  • North America - 40 wildlife species from all over the US

They also contain:

  • Photos
  • Fun Facts
  • Stickers
  • Ways people can help on a personal level
  • AWE in the News
  • Advance Wildlife Education app